Are you an SLP tired of low wages and limited professional growth opportunities? You're not alone. Across the United States, many Speech-Language Pathologists share your frustration, particularly when it comes to low salaries. One major reason for this is that large contract companies often underpay SLPs. These companies secure lucrative contracts with schools but only pass on a fraction of those earnings to the hardworking professionals who fulfill them.
Imagine a different scenario—one where you hold the contract and set the terms. Over the past several years, we have empowered hundreds of SLPs to do just that. Our comprehensive School Contract Training program equips you with the essential tools and knowledge to secure your own contracts with schools.

If you want to learn how to obtain your own school contracts, then join us for our LIVE School Contract Training!

When: July 27, 2024
Where: Online
What time: 9am-1pm PST/12pm-4pm EST
Investment: $299

In this half-day program, we will teach you how to obtain your OWN school contracts. You will learn from two seasoned SLPs with experience acquiring, writing and negotiating school contracts.
After you complete the training, you will be invited to join our Private Facebook Group exclusively for our graduates! This allows us to foster an online community to support each other.
If you want more control of your time and income, then this training is for you. We know how freeing it is to be your own boss, and we want to help you experience that freedom.

What you can expect from our training:

Comprehensive Curriculum: Step-by-step guidance on how to secure school contracts, from the initial outreach to finalizing the agreement.
Business Tools: Access to tools that streamline your processes and procedures, making it easier to manage your practice efficiently.
Expert Support: Ongoing support from industry experts who have successfully navigated the contracting landscape.
Increased Earning Potential: Take control of your business and unlock the ability to set your rates and grow your income.

By empowering SLPs with the knowledge and tools to run their businesses effectively, we help you take control of your career and earning potential. Say goodbye to being underpaid and undervalued—it's time to take the leap and transform your professional journey.
Join our School Contract Training program today and start your path towards greater independence and financial success!

About Your Instructors

Melissa Jakubowitz, MS, CCC-SLP

Melissa started her career in public schools, then opened a successful brick and mortar private practice that she owned for 20+ years before moving to telepractice. She then worked for a start-up telepractice company, where she was the 2nd hire and developed and ran the clinical department as well as developed the clinician training, policies and procedures as well as training for the marketing and sales staff. Melissa worked and managed well over 500 clinicians (SLPs, OTs, Mental/Behavioral Health Professionals). She left to start eLiveNow.

Melissa is an ASHA fellow and has been actively involved in both her state (CSHA) and national (ASHA) association by serving on numerous boards and committees. She served on the CSHA Board of Directors for 15 years culminating in a successful two year term as CSHA President. Melissa has also served on many ASHA Boards and Committees including serving as the Chair of the Convention Telepractice Committee and Co-Chair of the 2018 ASHA Convention.

Adrienne Wallace, MBA, MS, CCC-SLP

Adrienne started her SLP career in public and charter schools before working as a telepractice SLP. She ultimately became a senior manager of over 80 telepractice SLPs. As a manager, she was responsible for hiring, training, organizing professional development programs, establishing best practices in issues related to telepractice, and ensuring compliance with licensing regulations. Adrienne left the company and started Online Speech Services.

Adrienne decided to go back to school to earn her MBA in Business Administration. In addition to providing direct services to clients in her telepractice business, Adrienne also offers consulting, webinars, and online courses to help others add telepractice to their service delivery offerings. She has trained over a thousand speech-language pathologists in appropriate telepractice service delivery. She has presented at the annual American Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention and served on the ASHA Convention Telepractice Topic Committee.


Read what previous students had to say about our School Contract training.

"I liked the one day format, the interactive PDF and real time feedback on introduction email. I liked the honest info about the challenges as we try to get school contracts."
"The training provided extremely insightful information at a value cost. So worth the money! Learning how to compete with larger companies while marketing to SPED directors was especially helpful."
"I loved the live sessions! It was so nice to be able to ask questions in real time rather than a back and forth email format. The training offered personal attention from the creators and that is definitely a valuable resource and experience!"
"I loved that I felt like I was getting pertinent information to guide me into school contracting. I appreciated both instructors' input on how they operate!"
"I liked the email formatting session and felt like following the steps laid out during that session definitely helped me upgrade my previous email format I was using."

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this training start and finish?
This live training includes one live online meeting on Saturday, July 27, 2024 at 9am PST/11am CST/12pm EST and will last approximately 4 hours.

How long will I have access to the training?
This training is live, but it will be recorded for those who are unable to attend the scheduled meeting. You will be able to access the recorded meeting for as long as you'd like.

How often will we have live meetings?
This live training includes one live half-day online meeting on Saturday, July 27th, 2024.

Are CEUs offered for this training?
We are not an ASHA-approved CEU provider at this time. However, you will be provided with a completion certificate for 4.0 professional development hours upon completion of the training.

Pricing Options

In this training, you will learn from two SLPs who have more than 25 years in private practice and school contract experience combined. We are among the few SLPs who have experience with start-ups, school contracts and have an insider’s perspective and knowledge about sales and marketing to schools.

This LIVE training has a limited number of seats, so reserve your spot today!

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