Are You Considering a Career in School Contracting as an SLP?
Navigating the world of school contracting as a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) can be both challenging and rewarding. If you're intrigued by the idea of diversifying your clinical experience, enjoying greater flexibility, and potentially increasing your earnings, our free webinar is designed just for you!

What You Will Learn:
Pros and Cons: Understand the benefits and challenges of school contracting as an SLP to make an informed decision about your career path.
Why Contracting?: Discover the unique advantages of contracting as an SLP, from gaining diverse clinical experiences to specializing in specific speech and language disorders or student populations.
Identifying Where the Needs Are: Gain insights into high-demand areas, demographic trends, and areas with staffing shortages to maximize your chances of finding rewarding SLP contract opportunities.
Licensing Considerations: Navigate the complexities of state-specific licensing requirements and certifications to ensure you're fully prepared to take on SLP contract positions.
Knowing the Rules and Regulations: Stay compliant with state education laws, policies, and regulations related to SLP services in schools to build a successful and ethical contracting career.

Why Should You Attend Our Live Webinar?
Expert Guidance: Our experienced co-hosts will share valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate the complexities of school contracting.
Interactive Learning: Engage with fellow SLPs, get your questions answered, and access downloadable resources tailored to support your journey into school contracting.
Free and Convenient: Our webinar is completely free, and the replay will be available for all who register.

Don't Miss Out on This Opportunity!
Whether you're a seasoned SLP looking for a change or a recent graduate exploring different career paths, this webinar offers a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision about school contracting.
Reserve your spot today and find out if school contracting is right for you!

When: May 18th, 2024

Where: Online

What time: 10am PST/12pm CST/1pm EST

About Your Instructors

Melissa Jakubowitz, eLiveNow

Melissa started her career in public schools, then opened a successful brick and mortar private practice that she owned for 20+ years before moving to telepractice. She then worked for a start-up telepractice company, where she was the 2nd hire and developed and ran the clinical department as well as developed the clinician training, policies and procedures as well as training for the marketing and sales staff. Melissa worked and managed well over 500 clinicians (SLPs, OTs, Mental/Behavioral Health Professionals). She left to start eLiveNow.

Melissa is an ASHA fellow and has been actively involved in both her state (CSHA) and national (ASHA) association by serving on numerous boards and committees. She served on the CSHA Board of Directors for 15 years culminating in a successful two year term as CSHA President. Melissa has also served on many ASHA Boards and Committees including serving as the Chair of the Convention Telepractice Committee and Co-Chair of the 2018 ASHA Convention.

Adrienne Wallace, Online Speech Services

Adrienne started her SLP career in public and charter schools before working as a telepractice SLP. She ultimately became a senior manager of over 80 telepractice SLPs. As a manager, she was responsible for hiring, training, organizing professional development programs, establishing best practices in issues related to telepractice, and ensuring compliance with licensing regulations. Adrienne left the company and started Online Speech Services.

Adrienne decided to go back to school to earn her MBA in Business Administration. In addition to providing direct services to clients in her telepractice business, Adrienne also offers consulting, webinars, and online courses to help others add telepractice to their service delivery offerings. She has trained over a thousand speech-language pathologists in appropriate telepractice service delivery. She has presented at the annual American Speech-Language Hearing Association Convention and served on the ASHA Convention Telepractice Topic Committee.